Strange Brouhaha

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Don't worry about the missing explosives

There were a lot of munitions lying around that were found and taken care of. Many, many more tons were disposed of in the nation of Iraq than disappeared from Al Qaqaa. So it really doesn't matter that these few hundred tons are missing.

(This opinion brought to you courtesy of Fox "News," where I actually heard someone say this. Isn't it ridiculous? Does he, or do you, have any IDEA what you can do with three hundred tons of these high-powered explosives? Can you imagine someone actually thinking that it's not a big deal, just because we destroyed so many more than three hundred tons? TONS, by the way. Isn't that kind of like saying "Hey, we got almost all of the cancer, Mr. Smith. Quit bitching about the part that we missed that's gonna kill you.")


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