Strange Brouhaha

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Oh god no

If I knew how, I'd link you all to an article by John Nichols in the Nation online.

Remember how George Bush initially promised to send $14 million in disaster relief to Asia?

Remember how he was shamed into bumping it up to $35 million?

That is still less than he plans to spend on his own inaugural party ($40 million).

I was already deeply ashamed of his dismissive hey-I'm-on-vacation-here response to the greatest natural disaster in recorded history. It's bad enough that he didn't visit. It's worse that he has pledged a smaller dollar amount than many countries with smaller economies than ours. But this tops everything.

He's going to spend more on a *party*? For *himself*?

Why doesn't he just put a map of southeast Asia on the floor and have himself videotaped taking a piss on it? It would amount to the same thing. "Not only are you not worth a personal visit, you're not even as important to me as my party. So there."

I can't get over it. He's willing to spend forty million dollars to wine, dine and entertain people at his party but only thirty-five to help our fellow human beings in Asia? THIS IS HIS IDEA OF WHAT TO DO?

Wake me when it's over.


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