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Sunday, January 09, 2005

two more little things

  • On ESPN there's speculation about whether Brett Favre is going to retire if the Packers lose today. There has been speculation like this for the last five years. At least the talking heads are saying "Hell, no, he's not retiring." Brett's still better than most of the quarterbacks in the NFL. He's going to have a George Blanda-length career, I swear.

  • Have you seen the latest trailer for the latest movie that nobody is asking for, "Elektra?" Now, I realize that the only people who are going to see this movie are people who have already seen "Daredevil" (as well as those who inexplicably think Jennifer Garner is hot, and that's probably a subset of the former group anyway), but...they give away parts of "Daredevil" in the trailer! I was amazed. I thought you weren't supposed to give spoilers in trailers. Can you imagine what the trailer for "Unbreakable" would have been like if they had blown "The Sixth Sense?" Highlight the next few lines; they're in white text for people who haven't seen either movie. "He was dead and didn't know it in 'The Sixth Sense.' Now, Bruce Willis stars as a superhero who doesn't know he's a superhero in M. Night Shyamalan's 'Unbreakable.'" Sheesh.


  • (Josh)


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  • (Dan)
    We have Jeffrey Katzenberg to thank for trailers that give away too much of the story. When he was at Disney he pioneered the marketing philosophy that, because all that mattered to the studio was the first weekend's gross (it being both a larger % of the total gross than ever before and it influencing the ticket-buying public who were now reading box office figures in USA Today), it didn't matter what people thought after watching the movie, only whether they showed up to see it.

    I used to love coming attractions. Now I force myself to close my eyes a the point where I can tell they've started taking scenes from the second and third acts of the story - it's difficult to shut out the sound, but at least there will be some visual treats left.

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