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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

L&O: CI changes

I like Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I think I've said this before. I don't usually otherwise care for Vincent D'Onofrio's performances, but he's perfect on CI. I think I've also said this before, but the usual "revolving cast" MO that they have on the Law & Order shows wouldn't really work for CI--the show is so strongly about how Det. Goren works that it would be utterly ruined if D'Onofrio was to decide to leave.

Well, maybe "ruined" is a bit hyperbolic, but given that the show was conceived and built around Goren's style of police work, any cast change would perforce change the show.

They're changing the show.

I read on CNN that Chris Noth is going to take about half of this season's CI episodes. D'Onofrio has been battling exhaustion; he collapsed on-set last year, if I remember correctly. They'll be bringing Noth's character, Max Logan, back into the city. I wonder how they're going to accomplish that--Logan was exiled (see "Exile: A Law & Order Movie") after punching a City Councilman on live TV. It will be mildly interesting to see how it's done, but after that...I admit, I don't like those early L&O episodes with Chris Noth, so I can't help thinking that CI is going to go downhill fast.


  • (Josh) I've never watched this show, but D'Onofrio was totally sweet in this episode of Homicide (best cop show ever) where he gets pushed in front of a train and is pinned to the platform. As soon as they move the train, he'll be toast. The cops have to go looking for who did it and for someone he can say goodbye to.

    By the way, love the new procedure for anonymous comments.

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