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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More Captain Kirk Is Never Bad

If you like Star Trek--and I mean Star Trek, not "The Next Long, Drawn-Out Boring Speech From A Preachy Bald Guy Who Sucks," not "Deep Space Please God Kill Me," not whatever the heck else--then you owe it to yourself to check out Star Trek New Voyages.

Have I already linked to them? I may well have. But I just watched episode 2 and it had me jumping all over the place, it was so good. These are the guys who should have been in charge of Trek all along, maybe we would have gotten something good. They certainly couldn't do any WORSE than Rick Berman. Did you know you can rearrange the letters in "Rick Berman" to spell "The Antichrist?" It's true!


  • (Josh) I haven't seen it, but there's some reality show on Spike where Shatner hangs in Riverside, Iowa. Riverside calls itself the future birthplace of James T. Kirk; apparently the show or one of the movies says he's from Iowa, but never says where, so they showed some initiative and hopped on that shit. And now this. Sounds awesome.

    Riverside is also the home of the Iron Horse Saloon, a biker bar where my law school band opened for a cover band for an awesome two-night stint. The have a shelf running the whole length of the place near the ceiling filled with empty Jagermeister bottles. There's also a wooden carving of a couple engaged in the act of "69." It's the place where I took a drink out of what I thought was my soda, but was in fact someone's spit cup for their chew. I still retch at that memory, but I also wonder about the viability of "Mint Pepsi."

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