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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Back To Complaining

Training camp for the hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan women who decide to work as housemaids in Saudi Arabia so their families can eat:

"Okay, girls! First, remember not to do anything wrong. Ever. Then, remember that your employers might tie you up, beat you, and cut your hair off anyhow. But you might be saved by their son or mother-in-law, who might take pity on you and hustle you to the airport when they're not home. But if you're *not* saved, and you don't die, then you'll be away from your children for anywhere from two to ten years. And your husband will probably start screwing around on you. In fact, um, we actually have kind of a problem with them raping their DAUGHTERS when you're not around. So before you leave, you might want to take any female children you have and board them with their grandmothers or something, to keep them safe from their dads. And remember, girls: after all that, YOU MIGHT NOT GET PAID. Happy trip!"

I wish I was making this up.


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