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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Poor, poor me!

I woke up this morning, and as always the first thing (second thing) is the old email check. Opened up the computer and it cheerfully informed me that it was "Working Offline." Well, it's not particularly useful to have your email client offline, so I disconnected and reconnected the wireless. Bzzt.


Check the IP address in the Terminal window, and it's Uh-oh. That's not a good sign; you get 169.254.x.x when your computer can't reach the DHCP server. (For those that don't know, DHCP is the protocol that automatically assigns your computer an IP address if you don't assign static addresses.) Troop back upstairs to check the DSL modem.

We get signal; main screen turn on. Still, we've been having some trouble with the connection over the last few days, so I decide to reboot it again. Unplug the power, plug it back in...uh. Our DSL modem has a big green light that flashes when the modem tries to connect. I'm not seeing any flash. Power is on, Ethernet connections are up. No "Internet".

Check the IP address on one of the other computers. 169.254.x.x. Gah. So it's obvious that my modem, which is providing DHCP to everything, is messed up. Unfortunately, that means my wireless router is messed up, and it means that my whole network is hosed.

So I had a fun morning, reconfiguring my network, pulling out the DSL modem and calling my ISP to ask for another one, reconfiguring the router so that we could still have the internal network up and running. In a way, that's good, because there's a firmware update for my router that I've been meaning to apply: my router configuration security heretofore had consisted of changing the administrator password and forgetting what it was. So I can patch now.

Anyway, we're without access to the Internet until Monday, when the ISP office opens and I can replace the modem. I'm sitting at Barnes & Noble right now, writing a review and paying (ugh) for a wireless connection so that I can check my email and make this post.

What am I going to DO without my lifeline? :)


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