Strange Brouhaha

Friday, June 02, 2006

Quick "what the hell is wrong with this country" notes

  • The chairman of an RFID manufacturing company has a plan to implant chips into immigrants. Unsurprisingly, he promoted this on Fox "News". Why not just make immigrants wear colored patches on their clothes to identify them as immigrants? Perhaps there could also be living quarters built especially for immigrants, possibly concentrating them into specific locations. Camps, maybe. It's a much more final solution.

  • With everything else going on, who gives a good goddamn about the lesbian Batwoman? Batwoman was dull and uninteresting back in the day when she was straight. I'm sure she'll be dull and uninteresting as a lesbian, unless maybe they get Chuck Dixon to write it.

  • Here, the headline is enough: Couple ordered hit on grandkids. Their own grandkids.

  • MSNBC has posted the transcript for last night's Countdown. You should look at it for the part I mentioned yesterday, where Olbermann kicks Bill O'Reilly's ass. It's about 3/5 of the way down.


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