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Sunday, November 19, 2006

NaNo Update

After writing for nineteen days, I'm at just over 41,000 words on my novel, as you can see from the graphs over on the sidebar. I've added a few more graphs, by the way.

There's one that looks like a bar graph, which shows my daily progress. The green bar represents the amoount of words I wrote on that day. If there is red, that represents the deficit between the amount of words I wrote and the "quota" amount for that day; the quota, of course, is the goal (50,000 words) divided by the time period (30 days), or 1666.67 words. Light gray represents the daily quota. Dark gray represents future days. This weekend, I wrote ten thousand words, over half of them today.

There's one that looks like a version of my live participant icon. It's got a green bar which represents the amount I've done as a percentage of the goal. I have no idea what the numbers underneath the bar mean. Right now, the "Goal" number and the word count add up to 48304. The "Goal" number and the number in parentheses next to it add up to my total word count.

The last graph is called a "Word Count War". You can't just list your own region, so I chose Hawaii just to see what the word count from home is.

In addition, I linked the participant icon (the blue one) to my Nano progress report, which contains some statistically interesting information, including the fact that I've only got to write just over 800 words each day until the end of the month to get to 50,000.

My plan is to write 2000 words on both Monday and Tuesday, then really push on Wednesday to get through the 50,000 word goal point. That means another 5000 word day on Wednesday, but I'd really like to get done before Thanksgiving.

And done I will be, as soon as I get enough words to pass the automatic validator. Unlike last year, I doubt I'll actually have an ending, but I'll be done.


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