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Friday, January 26, 2007

Music Memoirs

Last week's Music Memoirs tickled me, if only because I was immediately able to answer all of the questions.

Tell us about your first Musical Obsession! We want to know.

Who was it?

Why did you like them?

What were your favorite songs they did?

Do you still like them today? Why or Why not?

Debbie Gibson. Yup. I tried to make myself believe it was because she was really talented, and because she wrote and produced her own music. All of those things are true, but really...she was very pretty and that's about it. (She still is very pretty.) I dunno, I guess it was just the right music for me at the time.

My favorite song was probably "Only in My Dreams" from the first album. Here's the video for it!

I had a great extended remix version of this song and of "Out of the Blue."

Actually, I also liked "Lost in Your Eyes", from the second album, mostly because I learned to play it on the piano. Oh, look, it's the video for that one, too!

Today? Nah. It was twenty years ago. I still have her albums (I'm pretty sure that "Out of the Blue" is one of the only albums I've ever owned on LP, cassette, and CD), and they're on my iPod, but unless I'm dragging a song or two out for Someone (mostly to say "this is what Dad listened to twenty years ago!"), I really never listen to them or think about them. It's all nostalgia now, man.


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