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Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Madness

Time for some Monday Madness. This week's questions tickled me.

1. Which web browser do you prefer?
2. Are you a PC user or MAC user?
3. Will your next computer purchase happen within the next year (do you think)?
4. Will you purchase your next computer at a local store or via the internet?
5. Have you had any experience with Windows Vista?
6. What are your feelings about this new operating system (if any)?

1. Firefox. I almost never use Internet Exploder; about the only time I do is when I need to access the Human Resources web site at work, which doesn't work with Firefox. It's just too dangerous to use IE; there are too many security vulnerabilities.

2. PC. I recently explained why I'm never buying another Macintosh. (By the way...what the heck is a MAC?)

3. Doubtful. With the new purchase on its way, our computing needs are taken care of for quite some time.

4. Internet. The only reason a person would have to buy a computer from a local store is if they needed a computer right away, as in TODAY. The only reason I would have to buy a computer from a local store is if I was high.

5. Yes. I've used it professionally. The new ThinkPad will have Vista Business installed on it.

6. My feelings are mixed. User Account Control is a usability nightmare; the Apple commercial where the security guy keeps saying "Cancel or allow?" is not far off the truth. The new Start Menu is an even bigger pain in the ass than the Windows XP one. The Gadget bar or whatever it's called is just as stupid and useless as the Dashboard in OS X. On the plus installs relatively quickly and you can turn off most of the crap.


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