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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Word Beads

Okay, I'm going to bite on the Word beads on Sentence Strings hook this week. The idea is that they post a few words which you need to use in some way. This week's words are: Currency, Pacifist, Clock, Acclimatization and Belong. I envision having some trouble with Pacifist.

Here goes...

Jim shuffled blearily through the sheaf of currency, half yen, half dollars, half some unidentifed scraps that could have been marks, francs, or pounds for all he knew. (That makes three halves, a small voice in his head murmured.) The altitude was wreaking havoc on his system, and he was finding acclimatization difficult--and his body clock was insisting that it was three in the morning, which just added to the pain.

"Sir?" said the kid in the ticket booth. "Are you, uh, sure you belong here?"

Jim cocked an eye at the kid, who paled under his gaze but managed to stammer out "It's just that that t-shirt might not go over well at the International Pacifist Association Conference."

"It's an ironic statement, kid," the grizzled vet said, grinning down at his shirt: Kill 'Em All And Let God Sort 'Em Out.


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