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Friday, June 08, 2007

Four for Friday

From, here's Four for Friday.

Q1 - Customer Service: When was the last time you had to call a customer service department, and how would you rate the experience/service?

Q2 - Selling on eBay: If you were asked to sell one item that you currently own, what would you sell and how much do you think it would fetch on eBay?

Q3 - Take Your Medicine: When was the last time you took over-the-counter or prescription-strength medicine, and would you say it adequately alleviated or treated your symptoms or pain?

Q4 - Evolution: Do you think pigs will ever learn to fly?

1. Actually, just the other day I called IBM/Lenovo. My tablet doesn't automatically rotate the way it's supposed to. Their solution was for me to reinstall all of the junkware that came with the computer. Overall, the experience was good, even though I declined to download and install 1.3GB of stuff I didn't need.

2. An interesting question, because it doesn't say why you're selling it. Do you need the money, or is some psycho just demanding that you sell something? I'd sell my Aardvark DirectPro 24/96 sound card. I'd hope to get $50 for it. There are a few on eBay now, and one is sitting at $25 while three are at $100 with no bids.

3. This morning, and I'm not qualified to say whether it worked.

4. What does this have to do with evolution? Anyway, no, because there's no need for pigs to fly. And if they did, we'd never know because it would take millions of years. Although I suppose they will when The Monkey actually manages to say something without smirking, or when certain talentless whores stop claiming that "it's not right" that they go to jail the way anyone else would have to.


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