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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bring The Funny, Hawaiian Kine

We had, or had access to, a bunch of local comedy albums when I was growing up. My favorite among them was Rap Reiplinger's "Poi Dog." So much classic material on there, like the Haiku ("Unsuspecting dog/Little does he know/Manong in the shadows"), Date A Tita and the Wendell's Lau Lau bit are still fresh in my head.

Anyway, Rap was a comic genius and his work stands the test of time. Guys like the unlamented Bu La'ia only wish they were this funny.

Here are some classics from the "Rap's Hawaii" TV special. First, James Kilpatrick Mulhaney Montague Del Rio Okada Jr. III takes a secret taste test.

I like da cracka!

Here's the...well, it's classic!..."Aunty Marialani's Cooking Show."

Jes' right, ah?

The room service sketch! It was much better on the record, but it's good here, too. That's Rap playing both roles.

Russell, you get pen? PEN! PEN, CONFOUND IT, PEN!

Last, here's another number that was much better on the record, but still worthwhile on video. It's the story of one man's love for the head cheerleader at Furtado Memorial High School: Fate Yanagi.

I knew my eggs was headed for that big omelet in the sky. (Yeah, that's "Tell Laura I Love Her.")


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