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Friday, March 28, 2008

Alllllll my exes live in...oh, wait, TAXES

Today's Limerick and Haiku prompt from Mad Kane is taxes, tax returns, or forms that drive you nuts.

I used to be stridently anti-tax, but I finally beat it into my head that taxes are how we pay for things. (Yes, I know: Duh.)

I earn some money.
The IRS takes its cut.
That is fine with me.

I mean, it's the price for living in civil society.

What really frustrates me about taxes now is that there are so many ways for people and corporations to get out of paying them. Having been a low wage earner, I think it's great that people making under a certain amount don't have to pay taxes. However, I think that somebody making twenty-five million a year should have to pay his 30 percent just like anyone else.

I used to really love doing my taxes. I had a special pen, and a great calculator, and I could sit down and do everything in an hour and be done with it. Now that our finances are a bit more...complicated, I've found that I really need software to help me out. Needless to say, it takes a lot longer than an hour. The procrastination bug has hit me pretty hard; I've barely started on this year's filing, and here it is practically the end of May.

The problem with doing my taxes on the computer is, of course, the presence of computer games. I'll sit down, intend to fire up Tax Cut, and find myself playing a game instead. By the time I'm ready to get started, I'm yawning and ready for bed instead.

My wife ordered: "Do taxes now!"
I said "But I'm still playing WoW!
The 1040 can wait
With Form 1 for the State,
While I finish protecting this cow!"

Not a true story, of course, because I stopped playing World of Warcraft long ago. But still mildly humorous. Sort of. I have to protect a cow!


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