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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Let's check out this week's randomness.

Would you rather...
1. sky dive or bungee jump?
2. eat a hissing cockroach or eat a slug?
3. have lifelong free entry to all theme parks
or lifetime free entry to all movie theaters?
4. spend one month without books or one month without tv?
5. have the ability to fly or be able to become invisible?
6. to have a personal shopper for life or a
personal fitness trainer for life?
7. be spiderman or be superman?
8. be stuck in the 70's or be stuck in the 80's?

1. I'd rather sky dive. With sky diving, once you're down, you're down. With bungee're bouncing around.

2. Depends on the preparation.

3. Lifetime free entry to movie theaters, of course. There's not a theme park within a hundred miles of here, but there's a movie theater five minutes away. If it was free, I'd go see a movie every night.

4. A month without TV would be far easier. We've lived without TV before; I can't imagine living without books.

5. Invisibility would be far, far cooler. Think of the places you could go and the things you could do. Wouldn't it be neat to be in the Oval Office, or in the editing suite looking at the new Star Trek movie?

6. What does a personal shopper even do?

7. I'd rather be Superman. Spiderman is cooler, but I think I'd rather be able to fly. (This doesn't contradict my answer to #5; neither hero can turn invisible.) Superman also has an incredibly large array of powers.

8. It depends--how old would I be? I think that if I was an adult, I'd want to be in the 70s, but if I would have to be my actual age, I'll take the 80s. Who wants to be four years old again? Not me.


  • 1. Hmmm. If it's a choice between relying on my torso or my legs to jerk against my falling weight, I choose sky diving.

    2. Slug every time. Cooked or alive. I've had slug and beetle-like bugs and the slugs win hands-down.

    3. Lifetime movies. 'Nuff said.

    4. Month without TV. Not that I would touch a friggin' book during that time, but it would be nice to have some peace for a while.

    5. When I was younger, I would have said invisibility, but I'll go with flying now. Getting someplace without walking is more preferable to not being able to find my chest with the paddles.

    6. Fitness trainer. The internet is my personal shopper.

    7. Superman. C'mon.

    8. 80's. Closer to now.

    By Anonymous FrankieCrisp, at 4:12 PM  

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