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Monday, February 14, 2005

All Together Now

I was thinking how to come at this. I could go the personal route: "Back when I was a theist, I was praying one morning at breakfast when I had a vision." I could go the professorial, use-an-example route: "When Alexander the Great got done wiping the floor with whoever he was conquering at the time, there came the moment when the defeated were brought before him."

Both of those leads are relevant to the story to which I want to link you. It is a story about the soul, and it is a story about mercy. It is a story about how we can see, or not see, that we are all links in a chain....and how we can choose, or not choose, to ennoble ourselves by lifting up those whom it is in our power to crush.

It is also a story about a woman and her car.

And our country.

Read it.


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