Strange Brouhaha

Monday, February 14, 2005

This drives me insane

The imbalance in spending on the military versus spending on human development drives me up the wall. UP THE WALL. Listen, whoever-the-hell-is-in-charge, if we started putting our global capital towards making everybody middle class, we would hardly NEED the goddamn army, because everyone would be too busy watching "Reno 911" on cable and eating Tostitos to make any trouble.

But noooooooo. No, literacy, electricity, clean running water, flush toilets, clinics, and boring indoor sit-down jobs (hell, even jobs that pay halfway decently) are too SIMPLE. And apparently too cheap, too--we could get halfway there by 2015 on something like a tenth of the Pentagon's budget. Can't have THAT! Oh no. Can't do something if it's going to benefit humanity, create jobs (all those new not-poor people are gonna need services; literacy, electricity, health and pipes all have to be supported by professionals), and be dirt-cheap to boot. No no no no no. Kinda like investing in renewable energy--sorry, makes way too much sense. Can't do it.



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