Strange Brouhaha

Thursday, April 07, 2005 needs editors

Tell me if you interpret this passage from CNN's article about "Sin City" the same way I do:

One of the movie's chief (and most terrifying) villains, Yellow Bastard, was also kept in color. Nick Stahl ("Carnivale," "In the Bedroom") couldn't look less like the character -- but he certainly did after five hours of makeup and the addition of prosthetics.

So...they're saying that Nick Stahl doesn't look at all like That Yellow Bastard without makeup, and with makeup he looks even less like That Yellow Bastard?

Since the article is generally "golly gee" in tone, I think we can assume that they meant that the makeup was really good, and wow, does Nick Stahl ever look like Miller's drawings of That Yellow Bastard.


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