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Friday, April 15, 2005

A Yellow Ribbon Bumper Magnet is MORE than enough!

That's all you need, right, veterans? Right, active-duty soldiers? Yellow magnets on cars? That's all the Republicans seem to think you need. More money for the VA? Nah, you don't need that! Is this how Little George supports the troops?

And they're gonna bring back the draft. Except they're not gonna call it the draft, they're gonna call it "mandatory national service."


  • Yeah, and you don't need bankruptcy protection either. The bankruptcy reform bill passed. One day after the permanent repeal of the estate tax passed. So: rich people get to keep even more, while middle class, poor people, and yes, active-duty soldiers, slide towards permanent indebtedness.

    I bet Little George will soon come up with a fantastic idea for those slackers who had the nerve to get into debt with family medical bills: they can *work for free* to pay off their debts! Yeah! They can go to this special place owned by the credit card companies and do special, useful labor for a period of years until their debt is earned off. We'll call them, um, "remunerational workers." It will be a way to bring jobs back home to the US by having US workers work for *even less* than foreigners in Indonesia. A win all around! And if people aren't able to work everything off before dropping dead, well, that's okay; their *children* can do this special work for the companies too! And their children also, because after all, it's really the only world they know. And...

    By Blogger Savannah, at 12:50 PM  

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