Strange Brouhaha

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rude Pundit! Rude Pundit! Rude Pundit!

The Savannah loves the Rude Pundit. The Savannah wants to have the Rude Pundit's babies. The Savannah is not being sarcastic, although she has not actually checked with her husband about the whole babies thing, so she might have to content herself with making her husband quote the Rude Pundit at length during intimate moments. The Savannah believes that someday, the Rude Pundit's admittedly heavily bleeped-out writings will be read by high school students in their bombed-out classrooms in the early days of the Second American Republic, after the war against the Empire has been won, Red Dawn-style, by a scraggly group of liberals that took to the hills.


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