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Monday, April 11, 2005

Financial Sodomy

This article talks about how wages have stagnated.

This article, which also mentions stagnant wages, details exactly how the tax system has been rigged to take money out of our pockets and give it to the super-rich. Among the fun facts: In 1970, the poorest one-third of Americans had over ten times as much money as the top one-one-hundredth percent of earners. In 2000, they were equal. The 28,000 at the top had a combined income EQUAL to the ninety-six MILLION at the bottom.

Put those two articles together.

Think about it.

Think what's happened in this country. This is the story of our lives: we've spent our lives being robbed.

As we have grown poorer, we have, as the tax article mentions, grown weaker. As we have less money, we have less influence. Democracy starts to become increasingly irrelevant, a formality, as politicians are forced (and some desire) to do the bidding of the money men if they want to get elected.

There's a third leg of this table, and it's the mass media, such as Fox News, which functions as the propaganda arm of the individuals and corporations which use some of their mindboggling wealth to influence public opinion their own way and keep issues like these off the table.

The depressing thing is that it seems to be working.


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