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Monday, February 27, 2006

Wisconsin==stupid. Ohio==stupid.

Wisconsin's State Assembly votes on the 28th about a ridiculous gay marriage ban. (They're not actually voting on a ban--they're voting on whether it becomes a ballot issue in November; let's hope that smartitude prevails and they'll just tell lunatics to shut the fuck up.) One of the organizations involved in backing a ban is called "The Family Research Institute of Wisconsin," whose leader is quoted as saying "I think we've been extremely tolerant in allowing them to live wherever they choose."

Holy. Shit. Can we make these people read a history book? (I know, I know, Jonathan Swift via Mr. F. Crisp: "You can't reason a man out of a position he didn't reason his way into in the first place.") These lunatics want to turn us into Soviet frickin' Russia, and we're halfway there already. In a way, it's almost more sinister than lunatics like Phelps and Ovadal who "just" want homosexuals to get AIDS and die. Julaine Appling and her gang of lunatics want to ghettoize them (presumably with miscegenators, Catholics, Freemasons and Jews) and take away their rights before killing them. It's all in how you boil the frog.

I offer the groups fighting against Ovadal and Appling my free debate tool for taking on religion with religion, again always keeping that Swift quote in mind.

On a somewhat lighter note, here is The Nation's John Nichols on an Ohio legislator's proposal to ban Republicans from adopting. His tongue-in-cheek legislation offers exactly the same kind of scientific evidence against Republican adoption that the sadly-real Ohio legislation against gay adoption has--i.e. none, just a pile of gratuitous assertions (which may be equally as gratuitously denied). The most egregious part of the real legislation, not that it isn't ALL egregious, is that they'd like to prevent adoption by people who LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE as an LGB and/or T. I mean, what the fuck? Just looking at homosexuals is bad now? What planet are these people from? And can we start a collection to send them back?


  • Well, the stupid thing is on the ballot in Wisconsin; smartitude did not prevail and lunatics were not told to shut the fuck up. *sigh*

    By Blogger Savannah, at 6:58 AM  

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