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Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy 40th Anniversary

It's Star Trek's 40th Anniversary.

I've said this before, and, as a fan, I'll say it again: Paramount, let it be. Don't make the new movie. Celebrate the 40th Anniversary, and the 45th Anniversary. Get rid of Berman. Get rid of everyone who's currently associated with Trek, in fact. Just let the whole property be still for the next six or seven years.

In 2013, start work on a new movie that will serve as the pilot for a new series. On the 50th Anniversary in 2016, roll the film out into theaters.

I guarantee that it will be a license to print money. That decade will do the same thing that the (less than a) decade between the cancellation of Star Trek and the premiere of Star Trek: The Motion Picture did for the franchise.


  • (Savannah) Yes and no. I agree they should let it rest. But we can't count on having Shatner and Nimoy in another decade, and really, when all is said and done, they (and DeForest Kelley) are the heart of this. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" marked the return of these same beloved characters, and that moment can never happen again. Maybe something new and better can happen, if they do what you said and let some real fans develop new ideas. But it will never be as it was in the first resurgence.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:24 AM  

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