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Friday, October 27, 2006

Four For Friday

It's Four For Friday, from

Q1 - Image: Does it bother you that the rest of the world seems to hate the United States? Do you think the U.S. has to change its politics or simply do a more effective job at public relations?

Q2 - Education: Which do you feel is the best environment for children's education, single sex or co-ed?

Q3 - Convenience: The 2007 Lexus LS has a feature that helps its driver parallel park or back the vehicle into a parking space. At the touch of a button, the 'Advanced Parking Guidance System' automatically parallel parks the LS or backs it into a parking space with just a little brake work by the driver. If this feature were available for your car, would you use it?

Q4 - Work: If you had to choose between working in sales or customer service, which would you choose?

1. Image: Yes, of course it bothers me. I don't think there's anyone who revels in the idea that the U.S. is widely reviled, with the possible exception of George W. Bush. It probably makes him feel all manly to piss all over the world. I think that we need to both change policies and do more effective P.R., although I think that the former would lead naturally to the latter. The latter without the former, of course, would be hollow and meaningless.

2. Education: Excellent question. I have no problems with single-sex education; I went to a school that admitted only boys in the lower grades, and had two years of single-sex education. I tend to buy all of the "less distraction" arguments on the pro side, but I also understand the "less socialization" arguments on the anti side. I do know this: I saw recently, somewhere, that there was a study that said that women who were told that women had trouble with math and science had trouble with math and science, and women who were told that women did not have trouble with math and science did not have trouble with math and science. Something like that. So if you have daughters, encourage them constantly. Anyway, back to the question: I don't think it matters. Good teachers and a good learning environment matter more than single-sex or co-ed.

3. Convenience: I wonder what happens if the driver of the Lexus declines to do "a little brake work," whatever that may mean. This doesn't sound very automatic to me. I wouldn't use it; I prefer to control as much as possible when I'm driving. The only reason I drive an automatic transmission is because I'm not the only one who has to drive our car--but I am the only one who knows how to drive a manual transmission.

4. Work: Since I have to choose, I'd choose customer service. Although neither of those things would be my first choice, I think that I'd do far worse at sales.


  • (Savannah)Q1-Image: Yes, it bothers me. I think we need to change policies and then improve our PR.

    Q2-Education: Co-ed. I went to a single-sex high school, one where we wore uniforms to boot. Don't let anyone tell you that there's less distraction or less competition in a single-sex school with uniforms. Forget it. You could tell who was rich by their hair, their sweaters and their shoes (and usually their skin as well). The girls primped relentlessly and competitively; focus on personal appearance was every bit as intense as it would have been if boys were around. And in a way, the boys *were* around. Girls brought their boy-related disputes right into school with them, and it could get ugly. As for academics, I can tell you right now that the scenario of timid, delicate girls who blossom when there's no aggressive boys to get all the teachers' attention is totally false. My school was full of very assertive girls...who did not give a shit about schoolwork and were bored to near-insanity by class discussions. The same small cast of characters always carried class discussion forward, and I suspect these particular ladies would have taken care of themselves just fine in a classroom with boys. As for math, I can tell you that being surrounded by girls didn't do a damn thing for me; I failed math consistently. Whether I would have failed it worse with boys around is an academic matter. So to speak. So, to conclude, I got no benefits, and the big drawback of not ever having a chance to meet any boys. (I *was* a shy girl, though not timid in class discussion, and I needed help to meet guys.) Single-sex education: fake benefits, real drawbacks! (And like I said, forget the uniforms too. They are *not* levelers and do *not* distract focus from clothes and appearance.)

    Q3-Convenience: No. NO.

    Q4-Work: Customer service.

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