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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Long Distance

It's Long Distance Day at Blogdrive Insanity.

1. What's the longest distance you've ever traveled? 4200 or so miles, which is the distance from Chicago to Honolulu. I made that trip fifteen times in college.

2. What's the longest distance you've ever walked? That's a good question. I've been on some fairly long hikes, and of course we had to walk everywhere in college, but those weren't distances that I measured or anything like that. The longest measured distance I've ever walked was three miles, which was the distance from my former office to home. I walked that a few times. I'm probably forgetting some long death-march slog that I've been on.

3. How far away is the friend/relative who lives the longest distance from you? Unless I have relatives or friends who live in Eastern Europe or India or South Africa or somewhere like that, the answer is about 4100 miles, which is the distance from Madison to Honolulu. Actually, I know someone who lives in Tokyo, which is about 6100 miles from here.


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