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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday Fiver

Yeah, there's a Friday Five and a Friday Fiver.

1) Name one of your bad habits: "I eat too much" is way too easy. How about "I prefer to play games (of any kind) over anything else, and as I result I tend to put things off in favor of doing crosswords or shooting rival gang members or moving chess pieces."

2) What do you expect from friends? I don't know, a sympathetic ear? I'm not sure how to answer this one, so I think I'll pass.

3) What is the last thing you wrote down? I assume that this means something written by hand to remind yourself of something. If not, then the last thing I "wrote" was a drawing I did last night. The last note I wrote to myself was to remind me of the steps I took to recreate a software bug.

4) What is the last favor you did for someone else? I guess it all depends on how you define favor. The application I'm working on at work right now ships in tandem with another, more complicated application. My part is done and ready to head out the door, so I told the QA lead on the other app that I'd help her team out if she needed it (one of her testers started vacation yesterday). I'm not sure if that counts as a favor, though; it's more like "pitching in to get the job done." Uh, I spent two hours dealing with my in-laws' car problems? No, that comes under "filial duty". Really, it depends; we all do things for each other all the time, every day--but do those things count as favors, or just as being human? I mean, I held the door open for someone at work yesterday when I didn't really need to; is that a favor, or just courtesy?

5) What is your favorite TV show? "Heroes". This week's show, once again, left my mouth hanging open in awe. The end was incredible. Honorable mention to House, LO:CI and LO:SVU.


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