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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mind Hump day

Here's the Wednesday Mind Hump from Blogdrive Insanity.

Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Apple. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy pumpkin pie, but the hands-down classic "every day" pie is apple. Preferably cold. Whipped cream optional.

Cars or SUVs? Cars. If you have an actual need for an SUV--like you haul cargo a lot or you have five kids or you have to drive across ten miles of open country every day--then an SUV is fine. Otherwise, I fail to see a point.

Pen or pencil? There are few questions more difficult. Twenty years ago, the answer would have been all pencil, all the time. Fifteen years ago, all pen all the time. Now...pencil, I suppose. For me, it's more of an all-purpose tool. Then again, you can't scribble notes on your arm in pencil. Unless you press really hard.

Electric guitar or acoustic guitar? Jeez, what's with the hard questions? First the pies, then the writing implements, now this? I guess I'd choose the electric, because it's more convenient for me to record electric these days. But choosing between these two, really, is like asking which of your kids you love better.

Shower or bath? Shower. You get cleaner, quicker. Plus, I am over six feet tall and weigh only slightly less than a motorcycle. You want to try to cram me into a bathtub? I sure as hell don't.

Daffy Duck or Yogi Bear? While Yogi has the advantage of being smarter than the average bear, Daffy has the weight of history behind him. I pick Daffy.

Butter on a biscuit or jam on a biscuit? Butter. I'd pick jam if the biscuit was already buttered, but if I can only have one I'd rather have very cold butter on a very hot biscuit.

Bringing sexy back or dropping it like it's hot? Wow, I must be out of it. I mean, I get the Justin Timberlake reference, but what's "dropping it like it's hot" have to do with anything. I need a teenager to explain this to me. I guess the edge goes to Justin here, since he apparently uses the word "fuckers" in his song (twice!).


  • (Savannah)

    I'd rather have cherry, but if forced to pick apple or pumpkin, I'd pick apple.



    Re the guitars, I refuse to choose.

    Shower. There's nothing like having the water pounding down on you.



    More power to Justin Timberlake if *he* feels sexy, but I'm not so confident.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:31 AM  

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