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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yes, it's another Saturday Six

Patrick's Weekender is ever-reliable when it comes to posting the Saturday Six. Here's this week's Six.

1. You're arranging to move. If money were no object, would you hire movers to come in and pack your belongings as well as drive them, or would you prefer to do the packing yourself?

2. Of the new shows that have premiered so far this season, which were you most looking forward to seeing?

3. Did the show live up to your expectations?

4. Take the quiz: What type of lunatic are you?

5. What habit of yours would you say is the craziest?

6. What do you own more of: VHS Tapes, CDs, DVDs or Books?

1. There are things that I would want to pack (and move) myself--primarily the computers and video games. And our clothes. But if money truly was no object, I'd be just as happy to have movers packing up all the books, DVDs and CDs. And the dishes. And all that stuff.

2. I wasn't looking forward to any of them until NBC started pimping "Heroes" really hard a couple of weeks ago. So my answer, by default, is "Heroes".

3. It's pretty safe to say that it exceeded them, since I was expecting the show to suck. Instead, it blew me away. When they discovered the artist's paintings near the end ("We...have to...stop it..."), my jaw was on the floor. It's not perfect--there were a few things that you could see coming from a mile away--but that's okay.

4. Okay, but this quiz is another big lump of "Whatever". My result is a big picture of Hilary Duff with the words "Omigod! OMIGOD! You're like, sooo...NORMAL. Okay, so you may not be as funny, or as talented as your friends, and sure, people might say you're shallow, predictable, stuck-up, boring and have no personality, but like, who cares what those freaks think anyway? Like totally." I'd post it, but I don't really want Quizilla's HTML all over the place.

5. When I buy something (and by "something" I mean "anything other than produce") from a store, I always grab the second or third one back, if I can. I'll never take the thing in front or on top if I can help it. This goes for anything in any store; I'll take the second or third magazine from the back, the second or third newspaper down, the book from the bottom of the pile, the software box from the back of the row. Basically, I don't want to buy anything that it's possible that people have had their grubby hands and eyes on. I'd say that's probably the looniest thing, although my newspaper-reading habits were kind of obsessive, back when we got the Sunday paper regularly. (I would insist on keeping the newspaper in the exact same order it came in, among other things. Still do, but we don't regularly get the paper anymore, so I'm not sure that it still counts as a habit.)

6. Books, by at least 6:1 over CDs. Probably more. I'm fairly sure that our books number in the multiple thousands; just from my seat here in the living room, I can lay eyes on just under 200 books of various types. Our bedrooms are covered in books, the basement is piled high with books, the computer room bookshelves are full. Next in line is CDs, followed probably by DVDs and then video tapes. We may have more tapes than DVDs, but if the question is intended to ask about prerecorded material, as opposed to "We taped every single Buffy episode when they aired on TV," then we don't have very many tapes.


  • "Heroes" good. Me and wife digging muchly.

    By Anonymous Josh, at 10:35 PM  

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