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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Metal Videos

I was rummaging through YouTube today, looking at videos, when I spotted a Nuclear Assault video (for Critical Mass, which would go well with Metallica's "Blackened"). That led me to idly wonder what else was out there. I ended up watching South of Heaven and a neat live performance of It's Love, among other things.

Naturally, I finally came around to looking at Scatterbrain videos. There are two worth looking at, although the quality on both of them is extremely poor: the seminal "Don't Call Me Dude" and a surprise (for me), "Down With The Ship (Slight Return)". I remember billing that tune as "the lost number from 'The Little Mermaid'" or some damn thing like that.

Really, I'm only mentioning Scatterbrain because I wanted to mention the time that Josh and I met Tommy Christ (of Scatterbrain) and John Connelly (of Nuclear Assault--he was selling Scatterbrain t-shirts and didn't want to talk about Nuclear!) at a show once. It was a triple bill, a funk-metal band called Monster Zero, Mindfunk (featuring a couple of guys from M.O.D.) and Scatterbrain. It was really cool. I mean...we just walked right up to Tommy and Josh said hey.

Apparently, there's a Scatterbrain/Ludichrist reunion show early next year in New York. Hmm...are we old enough for reunion shows? (Answer: of course we are; we went to the Last Crack reunion.)


  • I'm packing my bags! However, I won't make the same mistake of buying a shirt that says "Don't Call Me Dude" on it again.

    Never have I been called Dude so much in my whole life.

    The shame.

    On a tangent, I just picked up the latest Celtic Frost album, "Monotheist." [Frost drummer Reed St. Mark went on to Mind Funk] Earlier albums were all over the stylistic map, with some straight-up black metal (although technically I'm not sure if it can be black metal without keyboards), some electronic stuff, and some later, wussy stuff. The new album is pretty consistently brutal, in a good way.

    Similarly, although I haven't heard the whole thing, the new Exodus album (1 original member) seems to be contemporary and heavy as hell. Nice to see these bands staying relevant without becoming *cough* *Metallica* *cough* caricatures of themselves....

    By Anonymous Josh, at 10:44 PM  

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