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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Sunday Seven

Patrick's Sunday Seven is all about my favorite topic: food.

Name up to seven foods popular at fairs or carnivals that you either once loved or still do.

Mmmm, carnivals. Iolani used to have a great carnival--or at least, it was great to me when I was 14. The whatever-the-heck-it-is they have now, with no rides and no games, seems to me to just be a sad, sad shadow of the last great heyday of the Iolani carnival. (To be honest, though...I always liked the food best. And games. Rides...yeah, we went on 'em, but they weren't my favorites.)

1. Malasadas. Yes, I know you've never heard of them, but they're popular where I come from. It's basically a big donut with no hole, fried and sprinkled with (for the purist) granulated sugar. If it doesn't come from Leonard's, it was made by poseurs.

2. Funnel cake.

3. KC Drive Inn Waffle Dog. The late, lamented KC Drive Inn owned a tiny slice of history. It will be missed. The waffle dog was exactly what it sounds like--a corn dog, but made with waffle batter. Crunchy on the outside doggy on the inside.

4. Cotton candy.

5. Huli chicken. Not strictly carnival food, but fairs and carnivals are probably the easiest place to get huli chicken. For those of you not from Hawaii, huli chicken is kind of a cross between smoked chicken and barbecue chicken. It's good.

6. Shave ice. Another item that is not strictly carnival food, but always present at the carnival. You may refer to it as a snow cone if you like: a ginormous mound of shaved ice with your choice of flavored syrup poured over it (my favorite: strawberry). Best served with ice cream or azuki beans, assuming you feel like paying for it. Not strictly necessary.

7. Chili and rice.


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