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Friday, June 15, 2007

Four For Friday

Today's Four For Friday is interesting. Well, partially interesting.

Q1 - Music: A friend of mine has just over 1,500 songs on his computer that he listens to throughout the workday. Over time, he has become of tired of hearing the same music over and over again. His question is this… how do you branch out and find new music that you'll like?

Q2 - Church: The Church of England believes its Manchester Cathedral is no place for a gun battle, much less a gory one that can be viewed in any living room. Sony's PlayStation 3 release "Resistance: Fall of Man" features a battle among British and American soldiers and aliens inside the cathedral. The Anglicans are demanding an apology and a contribution to the Church's antiviolence education campaign using the game's profits. Sony maintains that it will not alter the game. Do you think the Church is owed an apology and payout?

Q3 - Take it With You: There's an old saying that goes something like this: You can't take it with you when you die! If you had to choose three items to be buried with, what would you choose?

Q4 - Hotels: When you stay at a hotel, do you take the free toiletries home at the end of your stay?

1. Go to the library and borrow CDs. That's what the library is for. A lot of times, sure, they don't have the latest and greatest, but you can at least listen to stuff you've never heard before. I would never have gotten into jazz had it not been for the library's copy of "John Coltrane: Live at Birdland."'s FREE. You simply cannot go wrong at the library.

2. I find this question to be very interesting. As a private citizen and speaking solely for myself...maybe. It's not a public building, is it? Using a 3d map of the White House or your state capitol would probably be okay, but the Empire State Building, not so much. I think this whole kerfuffle could have been handled better.

3. I'm not so sure that I have any objects that I value that much. It's all between the ears, baybee.

4. No. That seems so crass. And useless.


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