Strange Brouhaha

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Obscured by Clouds

In July of 2006, I participated in Mercury Theatre's Blitz for the third time. I wrote a brief blog entry about it and then resolved to mention it no more. I didn't even try to participate in this year's Blitz, partially because I was still suffering large amounts of back pain and partially because I'm still bitter about what happened last year.

Last night I read my script again. As I wrote in last year's blog entry, I'm not a prima donna about my work. I have no illusions. But damn it, I think this script deserved better than to be turned into an anti-Semitic blob of WTF.

Maybe you'll agree. I invite you to read it [57K PDF].

A brief note about the title and the huge velvet head: the title challenge last year was "Pink Floyd songs by Syd Barrett", and that "huge velvet head" quote came from a found-writing website. Everyone had to use one of two titles (we each had a different set of two) and one of two quotes from the website (ditto).


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