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Friday, September 07, 2007

BelliBlog's Four For Friday

Some of today's Four For Friday questions seemed a bit interesting.

Q1 - Lying: Are there any circumstances under which you can see yourself lying to law enforcement officials at either the local or national levels? As much as I really, really want to fight the power and say "Yes," I don't think there are. Probably not even in an Underground Railroad type of situation, so when The Decider starts to round one-eyed left-handers born on Thursday, I may have to wimp out and not hide them in my attic. I just get too nervous.

Q2 - Terrorism: Terrorist monitoring groups here in the U.S. say the al-Qaida terrorist network intends to release a new video recording of Osama bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Laden on or before next week's sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks the Pentagon and World Trade Center. If in fact a recording of bin Laden were made available, would you take the time to watch it? No. What does he have to say to me? What point would there be? Besides, I'll hear all about it on the radio, on TV, on the Internets. Seriously--what's the point? By now, I don't even care where the Presidential candidates stand on the "Would you hunt down Osama and kill him?" question; it's a trap, what are they supposed to answer? What is there even to say on the topic that isn't pandering to someone? I've come around to George W. Decider's position on Osama: "I don't give him much thought." I'm sure the Decider's rabid slave-dogs will enjoy the Two Minutes Hate.

Q3 - Carded: A few years ago, the state of Maine's Legislature passed a law that requires store clerks to verify the identification of anyone who appears to be under the age of 27 when attempting to purchase tobacco or alcohol. Earlier this week, a 65-year-old woman who went into a Farmington, Maine supermarket to buy wine was turned away because she did not have any ID with her. When the woman asked if her elderly friend could buy the wine for her, she was told no because that would be considered "third-party" purchasing, which is illegal in Maine. If you were working the checkout line when the 65-year-old woman attempted to purchase a bottle of wine, would you have turned her away? Is my job on the line? Then abso-frickin-lutely, unless she's gray-haired and shuffling along in her walker and looking like Aunt May from old-school Spider-Man comics. Then again, I suck at estimating ages. By the way, my answer is the way it is because I heard that the store policy was to card anyone who appeared to be under 45.

Q4 - Cars: If you could modify one thing about your current car (and no, junking it and starting over would not be an option), how would you make it be different? Hmm...for the Ford, I'd want a stereo with an iPod jack. For the car I drive to work, my father-in-law's early-90s BMW, I'd want a satellite radio. In the realm of fantasy, I'd modify the BMW to never break down ever again.


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