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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Hump Of The Mind

Yesterday's Wednesday Mind Hump asks that we name our favorite or most used..

1. Kitchen tool. My most used would probably be the dishwasher, since I use it pretty much every day. Favorite, probably my 10" chef's knife. Good for just about any chopping need.

2. Computer/internet tool. I'm really loving my new Logitech cordless mouse. I think it's an MX-620. If we're talking software tool, then probably Eclipse would fit the bill.

3. Relaxation tool. Here is the only relaxation tool I've ever used or needed: Close your eyes. Take a few deep, deep breaths. Picture a beach in vivid detail, as vivid as you possibly can. Water, sand, trees. Warm weather. You're alone on the beach with a plastic shovel and pail. Sit. Take a scoop of sand. Look at the sand. See the tiny individual grains of sand. Pick up one grain of sand. Look at it. Drop it in the bucket: one. Pick up another grain of sand from the shovel. Drop it in the bucket: two. Continue until you're relaxed or asleep. This has proven to be very effective for me over the years--I always had trouble falling asleep in college until I came up with it. It's so ingrained now that I can just say to myself "Beach, Shovel, Sand" and fall asleep. Shoot, even typing it out has started to shut my brain down. It really, really works. The key is in the detail; you really need to concentrate to maintain it.

4. Organizational tool. Sorry, but I'll have to answer Microsoft Outlook. At least at work. Task lists, calendar, e-mail folders...I'm more organized now than I have been in years.

5. "Tool" tool (things you'd buy at a hardware store). Most used, my Craftsman corded drill. This thing has taken a hell of a lot of pounding over the last 17 years, drilling through wood, drywall, and even concrete. It's even been left outside in very humid weather for weeks. It's banged up and beat up, but it never lets me down. My favorite is probably my Dremel motor tool, although I don't use it nearly as much now as I did a few years ago.


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