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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Wednesday. Here's the Hump.

The Wednesday Mind Hump appealed today.

1. Have you ever been famous for anything? If so, what did you do to become famous? I dunno, I was probably famous for being deranged during my freshman year in college. Does that count? If we're talking about "Local Man Rescues Cat From Sewer," then no, I never have.

2. Have you ever met anyone famous? Sure. I met Senator Inouye once. (My dad's advice: "Just hold out your right hand to shake. He'll take care of the rest.") I met Max Allan Collins, Andrew Vachss and Carl Hiaasen at book signings. (Collins even remembered us the next time around, which was really cool.) Josh and I met Tommy Christ and John Connelly at a Scatterbrain show. There are probably a few others that I'm spacing at the moment. The Wife has a much better pedigree in this area than I do, though.

3. Are you related to anyone famous (anywhere on your family tree)? How famous is famous? We have a cousin who came up through Hollywood as a stuntman and actor and was second banana on a syndicated TV show.

4. Whose 15 minutes of fame should be taken away? Duh--Paris Hilton.


  • 1. No.

    2. BB King (at a music workshop in college), Winton Marsalis (sp) (ditto), James "The Amazing" Randi (phone call), Curly Neal (Harlem Globetrotters autograph), one of the guys who worked on emm386, Steve Ballmer (actually walked past him and someone pointed him out later), the son-in-law of Will Geer from The Waltons (maybe I'm stretching).

    3. A greatish uncle who worked as a rubberman at Barnum and Bailey.

    4. Paully Shore

    By Anonymous FrankieCrisp, at 4:02 PM  

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