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Friday, September 07, 2007

Good old Golden Rule days...

Kiki asks about school for today's Friday Fun. I figure that high school is a little more appropriate for these questions than college, so most of my answers will be from that perspective

1. School,…couldn’t wait or dreaded hell? A mixture of both, I suppose. I actually enjoyed the process of Getting Ready For The Year: making a multi-folder, cleaning and organizing, making sure I had everything, and, for college, making sure I could get from Des Moines to Grinnell, getting my room the way I liked it, and so on. There were a lot of things to be excited about, but there were a lot of things not to be excited about.

2. School supplies,… junkie or couldn’t care less? JUNKIE. And I still am. I love cracking open a new notebook, using a new pencil or (drool) pen, breaking the seal on a pack of index cards. Sometimes, office supply catalogs can be better than pr0n.

3. The locker,… organized or a chaotic mess? I never really used my lockers in high school (I was a "carry everything all the time" kid for a long time), so "organized" by default. Plus, they were really small, so there wasn't a lot of room to make a mess.

4. Lunch time,… bring or buy? A little from column A, a little from column B. The food, I would bring (ham sandwich, white bread, with butter--thanks, Dad!). The drink, I would buy.

5. Sports,… jock or not? I was part of football tryouts for a day because Coach Hamada really laid on the pressure, but I came to my senses and realized that I didn't give a damn about playing. I was on the track team for a single meet because I liked Chuckie Nakoa and he taught me the shotput and the discus. I sucked at both and didn't give a damn. I'm not particularly competitive in that way. So...not.

6. Music,… band, chorus, orchestra, or none of the above? If yes, what insturment or part? All three! I was in the color guard mostly because I was pressured into it, but it turned out to be kind of fun. (That's technically not the same as "in band," which I never was, but it was "in marching band.") In choir, I was a tenor. I played the cello for a year and was really no good at it because I never practiced.

7. Report cards,… grounded or rewarded?!I was a middlin' student. Mostly Bs for my entire school career, with a few As and Cs sprinkled here and there. I got a lot of Ds one semester in college, but by that time the punishment was not grounding, but losing a little bit of scholarship money.

8. Reunions,… a good idea, or thanks, but no? Well...up until a little while ago, I would have auto-answered "Thanks, but no." However, this year was our 20th Reunion year, and Michelle kindly "volunteered" to go. Her after-action report was intriguing enough that I'm considering the 25th.

9. School friends,…. still have them or grown apart? I still have the ones who matter the most.

10. Favorite class? Free period. Especially at the end of the day, especially with open campus privileges. As for a serious answer...geez, I don't know. "Papa" Suemori's English class was pretty damn good. Mrs. Cano's drama class, of course. I don't know.


  • 1.) Dreaded. Hell. The whole way through.
    2.) Couldn't care less.
    3.) Utterly chaotic mess.
    4.) Bring. In fact, my overworked mom took the time to make homemade spaghetti and chicken soup for me. Thanks, Mom.
    5.) NOT.
    6.) None.
    7.) Eh. I got mostly Bs in high school, which gave my parents the deepest and most poignant feelings of disappointment. I was always near the Honor Roll but not on it. I remember one semester I actually made it, because I was .275% under (we got number grades) and they rounded up. I remember my dad absolutely shaking--literally--with conviction that they had *better* not keep me off for less than a percentage point. I remember staring at him in total incomprehension. Why did it matter so much to him? Did he imagine it was going to affect my self-image or motivate me somehow? This shows a dire misunderstanding of the typical high school student, who is at the peak of their cynicism. I never met a single girl in that school who thought that any aspect of it, from the Honor Roll to Student Government to the National Honor Society, was anything other than the worst kind of joke. Plus, that kind of stuff doesn't work for me personally anyhow. It means much more to me if an individual praises me. So it was very strange. Maybe it was more about *his* self-image...
    8. No thanks. I was so much in my shell in high school that I didn't socialize at all. I had no connection with anything or anyone. I did have two friends--neither of whom graduated. So there would be no context if I went back.
    9. Grown apart.
    10. Mrs. Wallack's comparative government class!! (At least I think her name was Mrs. Wallack. Eesh. Sorry. Well, I may not remember her name, but I remember that class. I am actually not sure I *ever* learned more in *any* other class.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:23 PM  

  • Thanks for playing Friday Fun! Like you, I am a complete school supply junkie. I live vicariously through my children now!

    By Anonymous Kiki, at 5:31 AM  

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