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Friday, October 12, 2007

What fresh hell is this?

Glenn Greenwald, amazing as always, quotes Bill O'Reilly today. Bill-o here is describing the ghastly hell that America would be if John Edwards became President:

[W]ould you support President John Edwards? Remember, no coerced interrogation, civilian lawyers in courts for captured overseas terrorists, no branding the Iranian guards terrorists, and no phone surveillance without a specific warrant.

Jesus H. Christ, doesn't that sound awful? It boils down to the lunatic idea of people having the rights that are set forth in that piece of crap Constitution that George W. Bush insists on wiping his ass with every day. (Thrown in, the blatantly obvious attempt to get a foreign army declared a terrorist force so that the Chimp can order them attacked without having to declare war.) Who would want that?

I am shocked and grossed that there are people in this country who can say Bill-o said, and not only believe it but have the audacity to claim that those things are what this country stands for.

Greenwald says it all much better than I can, and his Salon column is pretty much required daily reading. The ad that you have to watch before you get to the column is a minor price to pay for the incredible amount of text Greenwald puts out.


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