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Thursday, November 01, 2007

3x Thursday...ahhhh, fantasy!

Today's 3x Thursday is wonderful. We are asked, simply, "If money is no object, what 3 things would you really like to have? Why?"

1. Obviously, $100 million. If "$100 million" doesn't count as a "thing", then maybe some piece of art that's worth north of $100 million. Then I'd sell it. I'd like to have this so that I'd have enough to live on and plenty to give away.

2. A BMW 760Li ($140,000-ish), or a Mercedes S600 ($150,000-ish), or, since money is no object, a luxury sedan modified by that one dude who takes gas guzzlers and turns them into super fuel-efficient performance monsters. His name is Johnathan Goodwin, and he can take a Hummer H3 and modify it to get 60MPG. (I wouldn't want the H3, though...I'd get tired of having to explain myself.) As for why...I don't know, I want a really nice car. I think that's enough of an explanation.

3. A professional football team ("Aww...the Denver Broncos?"). No, a professional baseball team. Even if they're crappy. It'd be nice to go to a ball game every now and then, and I could sell the team a few years later for a profit.

In the light of the first and third items, I realize that "a nice car" is thinking kind of small. Maybe "a nice car company" that I could sell later for a profit.


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