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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy 1000th!

This is my 1000th post, and instead of yet another milestone celebration (it seems like I just had my 900th and 800th posts), I figure I'll just do the Tuesday Twosome.

1. Do you take vitamins and if so, what? Yeah, I take a Target-brand equivalent to One-A-Day Men's Health Formula. I started taking it a few months ago, on the theory that I'm not getting any younger. Also, I think my doctor suggested it.

2. Do you make an effort to eat healthy, or you eat whatever you feel like eating? A little from column A, a little from column B. I don't really like candies and sweet stuff, so if I'm going to eat, it'll be something like a piece of fruit or cheese. I don't really have a problem with quality...just quantity.

3. What two types of food do you have a hard time staying away from? Only two? Chinese food and non-Chinese food. Well, okay, let's answer for real. Chinese food is actually one of my answer. I guess the other would be Indian.

4. What are two food items you refuse to eat? I can't think of anything off the top of my head that I wouldn't try. (When I was a kid, of course, the story was different.) I've seen some weird stuff on "Bizarre Foods" and "No Reservations," but you only go around once. There are foods that I don't like, but I don't think I'd "absolutely" refuse anything.

5. Are you pleased with your daily diet or do you think it could be better? It could be better in a lot of ways.


  • 1.) Vitamins? No. I've spot-checked my diet with nutritional software and found that I tend to get well over 100% of Vitamin A from my food, and it's actively harmful to throw artificial sources on top of that. So I just stay away.

    2.) Eat healthy or eat for fun? Both.

    3.) Two temptations: Chocolate and melted cheese.

    4.) Two deal-breakers: Only two? I was born picky and have stayed picky.

    5.) Pleased with your daily diet? Pretty much. It could be more nutritious, but overall it's fine, and I actually think it's a bad idea to be *too* nutritious. I've always had moderate treats every day so I don't set myself up to rebel.

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