Strange Brouhaha

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Final Firework Update

I was able to get everything off the G4, even my iTunes library. The hard drive cooperated for a couple of long stretches.

And I did find out how to get to the "hidden" areas of the filesystem (like /usr/local/perforce, to pick up my Perforce depot). This is a big "duh," and when I finally figured it out I was pretty peeved that I had forgotten it.

OS X keeps mounted volumes in a directory called Volumes. You can access this from the Terminal, and since the hidden areas aren't hidden from the command line, you're home free. For example, if your mounted volume is called "Foo," you'd type "cd /Volumes/Foo/usr/local" and you'd switch to that directory. A simple "open ." opens the directory in the Finder and you're set to copy.

Anyway, everything has been rescued. I just need to set up the new machine (it is smaller than my hand!) and we'll be back to status quo ante.


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