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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Moving Day

I like today's Saturday 8 for the last question.

1. when was the last time you moved from one home to another? A few years ago, when we moved from our apartment near Hooters. I'm glad we don't move that often, and that we aren't planning to move for a long, long time. I don't like it. Of course, that last time we were moving from an apartment to a house, so that was good.

2. when was the last time you moved at work? Let's see, it must have been sometime in 2006. There was a big reshuffle, and a couple of people moved into window offices and I moved from a cubicle into the office I have now. I was glad to move. I like having a door.

3. have you ever had any problems with a hired mover? No. We used Two Men And A Truck both times we moved--from apartment to apartment, and from apartment to house. They were great. We would totally use them again.

4. one day at work, i was given less than 24 hours to move my desk. what was the shortest amount of time you've had to move in? In all of the cases where we've had to move, we've been fortunate enough to set the timetable. Even at Esker, we had plenty of notice when we moved office buildings, and at my current job, I was at the mercy of the Facilities people who had to set up my office, so I had a ton of time.

5. in your house, what would be the hardest item to move and why? My workbench, because it's bolted to the wall. (If/when we move out of this place, the workbench won't be coming.) The hardest item that we'd actually move...if we count the book collection as a single item, that would have to be it. I conservatively estimate it to be around five thousand volumes--that's enough of a "why" for me.

6. at your office/work, what would be the hardest item to move and why? Probably the dual LCD monitors, because they're the most fragile. Everything else is pretty sturdy.

7. if you had to move at work, describe your perfect office location (guinness taps optional!). This question is a little ambiguous. The perfect office location in our current building is the office just vacated by one of our top executives. It's a huge corner office with a beautiful view of the lake. I would love to have that office--but it's not going to happen. If, however, we're talking about where the company is located, then there's an office building within walking distance from my house that would be perfect. And it's for rent!

8. if you had to move your home, describe your perfect home location. good schools? pub withing staggering-home distance? I've thought about this a lot over the years. In general, Madison is a great location: we don't have natural disasters to worry about (apart from the rare possibility of a tornado), we're close to three big cities (Milwaukee, Chicago, and the Twin Cities) but far enough away that we have our own identity, we've got a university (which means that there are lots of intellectual opportunities). A lot of other benefits, too. I couldn't wish for a better place, even with the super cold winters and all of the snow. The only thing that makes me want to move, even a little bit, is that I've got a touch of residual paranoia about walking anywhere near ice, thanks to that fall I took back in March.

Now, community-wise, here's what I'd like to see: good schools, absolutely; a bookstore and grocery store; a good neighborhood bar (not a chain); a good restaurant (not a chain); all within walking distance. We have a bookstore and grocery store within walking distance, although we almost always drive. There is a bar and restaurant close by, but it's a chain--we live in a portion of town overrun with chains. Other requirements: good record store (yup); electronics store (yup); library (yup); professional baseball within an hour's drive (yup [technically, 80 minutes]); gas station (yup). The only thing that would make it all better is having my five-minute commute back!


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