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Monday, November 26, 2007

Electric Guitars. Yay!

Blogdrive Insanity has a Monday Music Mambo, this being Monday.

1. Have you ever played electric guitar? Did you enjoy it? Yes, and yes. I played rhythm guitar for a Joe Satriani song for Hammer in college, but just one--I couldn't play the Metallica song well enough for us to do it, mostly because I had to sing as well. I can't play anything very complicated and sing at the same time. It's just one or the other. I also played for a local production of "Grease" a while ago. That was a lot of fun, especially the night that we closed out rehearsal with "Dueling Banjos." I've also recorded some things for my own personal enjoyment.

2. Name one of your favorite electric guitarists and why you like him or her. It's hard to pick just one, because there are a lot of them that I like more or less the same amount. The first one that came to mind was Alex Lifeson of Rush, but I couldn't say exactly why.

3. Name a song with a good electric guitar solo. I was playing Guitar Hero III at work, and one of the songs was "One" by Metallica. The solo in that is really good. I'll pick that. (Runner up: watch some live Guns N' Roses video on YouTube--Slash was AMAZING. I never appreciated that on the records, or at least as much as I probably should have.)

4. You just bought a brand-new shiny electric guitar. What song do you try out on it first? First, the rhythm part to a jazz tune called "Spinning" that I wrote, because it starts in fifth position and ends in first, which makes it good for checking intonation. Then "Enter Sandman" by Metallica, after I remind myself how to play it. Then "Plush" by STP to exercise the other three strings.


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