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Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm hungry, so the Friday Fun: Yummies Edition appealed to me.

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure yummy food? Hmm, how guilty? I have this maybe once a year, because I think it's approximately the unhealthiest thing in the world, but I really, really love Hostess cherry pies. I don't watch my calories or anything, but I think they're about 500 calories and high in saturated fat.

2. It is snack time. What do you reach for? Chips? Ice cream? Something healthy? Fruit. An apple most of the time, but other things when they're in season. Grapes, for example, or peaches if it happens to be that one week of the year when you can get a good grocery-store peach. However, it really depends on what I'm in the mood for; second to fruit is a slice of whatever kind of cheese we have laying around.

3. What is your ideal breakfast? Spam or Portuguese sausage with rice and eggs. A close second is french toast, sausage and hash browns from Upstairs Downstairs, where The Wife and I used to go every Saturday when we first moved here. They have since closed. Sigh.

4. What are you craving right now? All the food I just talked about! Actually, I've been craving a big bowl of saimin recently, but it's tough to get good ingredients. I should see if one of the local Asian markets has char siu and kamaboko. Bok choy is easy, green onions are easy, eggs are easy. Maybe I'll go out tomorrow and look.


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