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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few brief notes because I'm playing Rock Band

  • Rock Band is fun. Playing the drums is fun. I have been playing Rock Band far too much. In addition, Rock Band. Rock Band. And Rock Band.

  • Obama wins Iowa...Clinton and Edwards in a dead heat for second. On the Republican side, the ridiculously-named Mike Huckabee looks like the winner. Don't get too excited; Iowa picks eventual nominees only about half the time. I'm not sure which psychopath I'd want the Republicans to run in the general election...but I think the better jokes would happen if it was Huckabee. His name is practically a punch line: "Why did the chicken cross the road? HUCKABEE." (Okay, maybe not.)

  • Did I mention Rock Band?

  • The guys from the condo association were here on Monday, banging on the roof and presumably removing whatever ice dams had built up around our chimney. The dripping stopped shortly after that. Huzzah! Of course, it's been below twenty degrees since then, so we'll see what happens once things get a little warmer.

  • The Sugar Bowl...Hawaii was overmatched, clearly. The offensive line couldn't deal, and kept letting Georgia pressure Colt Brennan. Without time to let the receivers get wide, Hawaii had no offense. I don't blame the Warriors, though; I blame the BCS. One word: TOURNAMENT.

  • Seriously, Huckabee? What's next? Junius P. Hornswoggle? Horace McGillicuddy? I think "please have a non-ridiculous name" should be a qualification for Presidential candidates.

  • I'm liking the XBox 360 so far, but I have one complaint: holy CRAP it's LOUD!


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