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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The least-visited top websites, huh?

This week's Sunday Seven from Patrick is sort of interesting. He links to a list of the top 500 US websites and asks us to name the first seven that we never (or hardly ever) visit.

Here are mine:

  • 3: MySpace

  • 5: Facebook

  • 10: Craigslist

  • 12: Megarotic

  • 13: AOL

  • 15: Megaupload

  • 18: Photobucket

I was unsure about a few. I don't go to itself, but I do go to I don't go to on purpose, but when I'm working and open up IE on a clean machine, is the default website and I sometimes read the news from there, if there's something interesting.

The same goes for I don't go there specifically, but since and are part of, I end up at domains every so often.

Even number 2,, I don't ever visit on purpose, but since my website for my LaTeX package is hosted at geocities, I do occasionally have to go to a yahoo subdomain.


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