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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I hadn't thought of this

On a discussion site recently, I came across someone trotting out a tired old chestnut: "George W. Bush isn't really an idiot, he's just faking." It had all the standard arguments: they don't hand out the keys to fighter jets to morons; you don't become the president if you're stupid; the stupidity is an act designed to lull our enemies into a false sense of security. They even had a new element that I haven't seen before: that his SPEECHWRITERS are responsible for all of the stupid things he's said (you know, "food on your family" and OB-GYNs "practicing their love" on their patients).

One look at the deer-in-the-headlights reaction he had in that elementary school classroom on 9/11 should dispel that one.

Anyway, the cornerstone of this person's assertion was that The Decider has degrees from two of the nation's most prestigious colleges, and so he can't possibly be a moron.

One of the respondents had this to say: "There are plenty of people who, if given a pass on admissions, could get a BA in History and an MBA from an Ivy League school." I'd never thought of it quite that way, but of course it's true. (Add to that, of course, that Bush was a solid C student, and the bar is even lower.)

Besides...if you were acting, would you really want to have the results of your act be that you're universally regarded as the worst president in history.

(I should mention that the cornerstone of the person's original argument was that it's all an act that's supposed to benefit the people who bought the presidency for El Chimpacabra, and that the stupidity is supposed to be one of the things that's making it possible for him to escape accountability for all of the lawbreaking that his Administration has done. I don't get it either.)


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