Strange Brouhaha

Thursday, February 21, 2008


No, not for your favorite Presidential candidate (although you should do that, too)--for your favorite SNL cast member. The Tribune has put together a little tournament, which I went to courtesy of the fine, upstanding Sir F. Crisp, that would have been better (if, sadly, unwieldy and completely unmanageable) if they had actually included all of the cast members.

I took the time to vote (Murray, Crystal, Aykroyd, Hartman in the Martin Region, Morgan, Curtin, Poehler and Murphy in the Baldwin, Farley, Carvey, Hooks and Radner in the Goodman, and Myers, Chase, Lovitz and Belushi in the Hanks). This is important stuff.

Please note that some of my choices were predicated on the basis of who I hated the least; for example, I would vote for pretty much anyone before voting for the likes of Ferrell and Sandler.


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