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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I want that hour and fiteen minutes back

Some of you may remember my ill-fated attempt to actually get medical care from my HMO when I had strep throat a few months ago. (I'll edit in a link to it later.)

Well, here we are, all of these months later, and I've finally had my initial visit with my doctor, who I can legitimately call "my doctor" now--unlike the doctor I had selected before. Here, I am pausing to take a deep breath, lest I rant again.

The doc was a good guy. Very nice, very good at making a credible attempt to appear like he actually gave a damn AND very good at pretending that I was going to take any of his advice.

But I want the time back. I could have written down, in advance, everything that he was going to tell me and everything he was going to ask and everything I was going to have to do.

As I knew would happen, he said "You're in great shape, keep losing weight. Get more exercise." By which he meant "Get ANY exercise," since I was quite clear about the fact that my only exercise plan involves sprinting up to the third floor of my office building every morning, and running down the stairs at night. I KNOW that. I don't need to hear it again. It's like I told Savannah, they must always say that because they're hoping that one time or another it'll stick.

Oh, before I forget, on an almost unrelated note, I finally went in to the jewelry store to get my wedding ring resized. I haven't been able to wear it for a long, long time, and I finally figured it was time to get it made smaller. My ring finger went down THREE FULL SIZES, from 14.5 to 11.5--and I probably should have had them make it an 11 because even the 11.5 was just snug. I just hope they won't have to do anything too drastic to it. Our wedding rings are like this:

| / / |

...where each section is a different kind of gold: red, white, and yellow. They're REALLY neat (and custom made locally). The lady at Jeweler's Workshop said that they might have to just take a piece out of one of the sections, ruining the symmetry. My fond dream is that they'll give it to the same goldsmith who made the ring, and she'll recognize her work and say "Nay, forsooth, I cannot yea ruin this fine work, but must instead take equal pieces out!" (Really, though, what can I expect for thirty-five bucks? I just want to wear my ring.)


  • I have a wedding ring similar to that. Yellow, white, and rose gold sections. Too bad the marriage didn't work out because it's a cool ring.

    A few weeks ago I decided I'd sell the ring--I've been divorced almost 6 years now--so I took it to a pawn shop. The guy said he could only offer me an insultingly tiny amount of money for it--maybe 20 bucks--because it's essentially scrap at this point even though it cost upwards of $500. He then pulled out a GALLON-sized ziplock back filled with old wedding rings. I'm sure there were a 1000 rings in there. I laughed and decided to keep the ring. Maybe I'll give it to my kid when he gets a little older.

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