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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Why I Am An Atheist

It was things like this. Well, actually, it was childbirth. Not immediately afterward, as happened with Allegra Kent. (A devout Christian Scientist, the legendary ballerina experienced a bit of a hiccup in her faith when she went into labor. Among other things, her stomach muscles, made powerful by her career, were torn apart when her panicked body tried to fight her own labor. Kent took stock of the pain and the internal bleeding, and that was it for God. She fired him.) But anyhow, ruminating on childbirth led to the inevitable question: "What FRICKING MORON...or worse...allowed it to evolve like THIS?"

Such sensible questions didn't usually make it into the mystically-inclined Religion Room of my mind. But being a mom makes you a lot more practical than you used to be. So after a couple of years of "what FRICKING MORON..." echoing in my head, and articles like the above link (about the theodicy of the tsunami), I pretty much sighed and shut the door to the Room.


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